Quick Alfredo Sauce

I love homemade sauce and prefer them over store bought.. but who doesn’t?

I know to well that sometimes there is just not enough hours in a day.. for me I am not always organized when it comes to time management and sometimes get stressed when I have to figure a last minute meal out.

This is an Alfredo Sauce that only takes about 10-15 minutes to cook up and taste better than any sauce I have had from a store! I found the original recipe on Pinterest and altered it to my taste preference! Basically more cheese and garlic!


1 stick of butter

1- 8oz pack of cream cheese

1 pint of heavy whipping cream

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp Italian seasoning

1- 3oz bag of Parmesan cheese shredded

Start by melting the butter, cream cheese, and cream in a pan over medium. I used a wooden spoon to smoosh down and smooth out the butter and cream cheese but you can use a whisk. Once smooth throw in your salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and minced garlic. Once they are mixed in its time for the Parmesan cheese. You will see your sauce become thick and sticky perfect for your noodles!

I served mine with butter shrimp (let me know if you want the recipe for those)

I hope you enjoy this recipe and I encourage you to alter the recipe as I did to your taste preferences. Here is the original recipe from thererecipecritic.com!

Diabetic Friendly Snickerdoodle Cheesecake


1 1/4 cup Graham Cracker crumbs

8 tbs melted butter

1/8 cup Splenda Brown Sugar Blend

1/8 cup Splenda granulated sugar

Preheat oven to 375. Combine in gallon size bag and knead together. Spread in pan (I used a springform pan) press down with spoon until firmly pressed onto bottom of pan. Bake for 7 minutes. When done set aside until firm (I put mine in the fridge to chill faster).


1 1/4- 8oz softened cream cheese

1 cup powdered sugar substitute (1 cup Splenda granulated sugar and 1 1/2 tbsp cornstarch blended in blender or food processor to fine powder consistency)

2 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream

1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp cinnamon (more according to taste preference)

With hand mixer mix cream cheese and sugar. Once combined add in heavy cream and vanilla. Add in cinnamon to taste preference. Spread filling over cooled crust and chill for 4 hours ( I threw mine in freezer for 1 hour and about to 2 hours in fridge to speed up the setting process)

Day 5: Life Change

Hi Guys,
Today I woke up feeling so lazy! I just want to lay in bed all day… but how is this going to help my life! I know my cheat day aka my bday is approaching and regardless I am going to eat everything I want!
I think the next rest day on the Fit30 app.. which happens to be this Saturday I am going to truly rest and not do extra cycling or anything. I am just getting burnt out and anxiety with a dash of depression is starting to bake in my mind again and I can’t have that!  I will not allow that so I need to relax my mind most and soul soon! 

Let’s get September 28th started!


253.4lbs (down by 1.2lbs)


Calories: under 2207

Carbs: under 250


Water: 8-8oz cups of water 

Squats: 4-20 rep sets

Stair Climbs- 2

Take Meds: AM/PM

I decided to keep it breakfast kind of light and maybe I will be hungry for my AM snack!


1 Kellogg’s sausage and pepper quiche

1/5 cup cotton candy grapes

My Iced Coffee-

  • 18oz Starbucks blonde roast cold brew
  • 4 tbsp half and half
  • 4 tbsp Coffee-Mate hazelnut creamer


Calories: 416

Carbs: 27.50g


42 jumping jacks

25 high knees 

9 push-ups 

13 lunges

8 tricep dips

30 squats

17 crunches



2 slices pepper jack cheese

4 slices roast beef lunchmeat 

Cucumber Salad-

  • 1/3 cup slices cucumber with peel
  • 1 tbsp Italian dressing
  • .15 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 tsp Crystal Louisiana hot sauce


Calories: 295

Carbs: 8.65g


20 squats

1 stair climb



2pc seasoned grilled tilapia 

2.25oz baby carrots


Calories: 186

Carbs: 4.50g


40 squats

1 stair climb



4oz seasoned skirt steak

  • marinated with mushroom and onions

1 cup homemade fried rice

  • white rice
  • veggies
  • soy sauce
  • egg
  • sriracha 


Calories: 563

Carbs: 41.30g


2 Pilsbury sugar free brownies 

1/2 cup milk


Calories: 160

Carbs: 46.50g


20 squats


CALORIES: ate 1620 burned 566 totaling 1054 which is under by 1153

CARBS: ate 142g of carbs and 13.55g of fiber totaling 128.45 which is under by 121.55


Water: I did NOT COMPLETE! Only drank six cups today and that’s partly because I was not feeling well.




And there you have it.. the end of day 5 and I am under the weather a little bit.. not because of the diet but because I have a broken tooth lol! I will see y’all tomorrow…
Love Toria (PMP)

Day 4: Life Change

Hi Guys,

Can you believe it’s Day 4 of the diet?? I can’t!! Today I woke up with not much pain in the legs which means it was easier to sit down on the toilet haha!! 

I know weight is just a number to some BUT… to a chubby girl like me it has been a secret from a lot of people for a long time. I wasn’t embarrassed by my exact size because I wear clothing now that mask my true size for the most part! But the number aspect of it embarrassed me because it is so high.  But opening up about it on these blogs and this journey is not so scary and it feels free!


254.6lbs (-.6 lbs)


Calories: under 2207

Carbs: under 250g


Water: 8-8oz cups a day

Squats: 4- 20 sets a day

Stair Climbs: 2 climbs a day

Take my meds: AM/PM

Let’s jump into September 27, 2017…


Breakfast Sandwhich-

  • 1 everything bagel thin
  • 1.5 tbsp whipped cream cheese
  • 1 egg scrambled with just a dash of milk

1/2 cup cotton candy grapes

My Iced Coffee-

  • 18oz Starbucks blonde roast cold brew
  • 4 tbsp half and half
  • 3 tbsp Coffee-Mate hazelnut creamer


Calories: 488

Carbs: 39g


39 jumping jacks

24 high knees

8 push-ups 

12 lunges

7 tricep dips

27 squats

15 crunches


I knew that I didn’t want to skip a snack today to see if it helped with my migraines so I had a morning snack…


1 slice pepper jack cheese

2 slices roast beef lunch meat

21pc Cheetos Puffcorn 

2.25oz of baby carrots

I dipped these in Chick-Fil-A ranch dip 

1 Vitamin Water Zero in orange 


Calories: 318

Carbs: 14.50g

8 minute morning walk around my building

1 stair climb

1 squat set


Since my SO is at work and gets home around 7.. I knew dinner would be after that I had a late lunch! Also I wasn’t starving and had a craving for pickles… no not preggo just love pickles and olives lol!


1 Kellogg’s sausage and pepper quiche

3 zesty pickle spears

1 Pearls cup of kalmata olives


Calories: 205

Carbs: 7g
At this time I was cleaning and cooking but able to add:

1 stair climb

1 squat set



1- 4oz chicken breast

2 tbsp homemade BBQ sauce

1 cup cooked brussel sprouts

1 cup brow/wild rice sautée

I know the pic is not great but I had already eaten and remembered.. so I tried to refill my plate! Sorry?!


Calories: 480

Carbs: 58.04g
After dinner I finished off my squats:

2 squat sets



1 Skinny Cow cookies and cream ice cream sandwich 


Calories: 170

Carbs: 27g

Calories: consumed 1661 – burned 512 = 1149 which is under by 1058

Carbs: consumed 166.44g – fiber 20.90g = 145.54g which is under by 154.46
For the challenges I have 8oz of water to go and I will have completed all of them today!!

This is where I leave you tonight! My birthday is on Monday and I am hoping to not go over calories or carbs until then so I can eat whatever I want lol!! It is getting easier and easier and I am hoping that moral continues!! 
Love Toria (PMP)

P.S. this weekend will be combined into one? Maybe? And would you like to see all I eat in my birthday?

Day 3: Life Change

Hi Guys,

It’s Day 3 of this “lifestyle” change or like I like to call it “saving my life” change!

First things it’s Day 4 on the Fit30 app which means it’s rest day!! But did I rest?? NO!!!!

Secondly I am out of bottle of waters (buying some tonight!) which means I am lacking water and paying the price of a headache! Automatic fail to the water challenge!

Morning weigh in: 255.8lbs

Loss/Gain: +.6lbs


Calories: 2207 and under

Carbs: 250 and under


Water: 8-8oz per day

Squats: 4- sets of squats 

Stair Climbs: 2

Take my meds: AM/PM

The blog feature “cover” photo is the daily photo of my transformation!

Let’s get September 26th started!!


1 pc toast

1/2 tbsp Nutella 

1 cup whole strawberries 

1 activia strawberry yogurt

Iced Coffe:

  • 18oz blonde roast Starbucks coffee
  • 4 tbsp Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Creamer
  • 4 tbsp half and half


Calories: 427

Carbs: 59.13g

Like I said it’s rest day on the app so I have been working around the house because we are forever unpacking lol!

I also did:

20 squats

1 stair climb

Burning 64 calories!


3 pc bread

6 slices Italian dry salami 

3 slices honey smoked chicken breast lunchmeat 

2 tbsp mustard

1/3 cup cotton candy grapes

21pc Cheetos Puffcorn

1 12oz can Sprite Zero 


Calories: 376

Carbs: 27.50g

I went to the gym!!! First time working out in a gym in about 7 years!! 

I did:

30 minutes moderate cycling 

Burning 469 calories!!!


6 slice Italian dry salami

1 light string cheese stick

18oz Minute Maid Just 15 cal fruit punch 

(I had brain fog and forgot to take a photo)


Calories: 141

Carbs: 5.50g
Exercise Added:

20 squats

1 stair climb

Burning 68 calories!


We ordered take out from a taqueria.. so delicious!

2 steak tostadas

  • Steak meat
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Sour cream

1/4 cup mexican rice

1/4 cup refried beans

1/3 cup guacamole 

10 tortilla chips


Calories: 639

Carbs: 41.16g

1 Skinny Cow cookies and cream ice cream sandwich 


Calories: 170

Carbs: 28g

Exercise Added:

20 squats

Burning 46 calories!


Calories Consumed: 1752

Calories Burned: 647

Technically I Consumed: 1106 (under by 1101)

Carbs Consumed: 188.11g

Fiber Consumed: 26.83g

Technically I Consumed: 161.28g (under by 88.72g)


Water: I did drink 1 bottle of water tonight so I didn’t completely fail this challenge but.. INCOMPLETE 

Sqauts: I still have 1 set of 20 to go… nevemind they are done… COMPLETE



This is where I leave you for day 3… I will say I am exhausted and in a lot of pain but I think it’s yes from the exercise but also the lack of water! Also I know I didn’t have my AM snack but I wasn’t hungry.. so I really didn’t want to force myself to eat!

If you are still reading and made it to hear… thank you so so so much for joining me in my journey to save my life! I will see you same place same time tomorrow night!
Love Toria (PMP)

Day 2: Life Change

Hi Guys,

Trying to sleep with my body shaking because of all the workouts I did yesterday was so scary. But that being said I am not in pain as much as I thought I was going to be! Don’t be fooled by the downplay there is definite pain and it hurts to sit on the toilet!

I just wanted to mention how I total out my numbers.. for calories I deduct the calories burned from workouts to achieve the total calories consumed. For carbs I deduct the grams of fiber from the amount of total carbohydrate grams to acheive the total consumed!  

Let’s get September 25, 2017! (The featured pic is my daily check in pic)

Morning weigh in: 255.2lbs

Pounds lost/gained: -3.2


Calories: 2207

Carbs: 250g

Challenges: Check below to see if I completed these!

8- 8oz cups of water

4- 20 rep squats before I sit down

2- Stair Climbs

Take My Meds

0930AM Breakfast:

1 Thomas Thin Bagel- Everything

2 tbsp Whipped Cream Cheese

1 egg scrambled and microwaved

1 Activia Yogurt Strawberry 

1 Iced Coffee

12oz Starbucks Cold Brew- Blonde Roast

2 tbsp half and half

1 tbsp Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Creamer


Calories: 505

Carbs: 52g

I completed Day 3 on Fit30 app:

36 jumping jacks

22 high knees

7 push-ups 

11 lunges

6 tricep dips

25 squats

13 crunches

I also added:

20 squats

1 stair climb

1- 5 minute walk around the building

Calories Burned: 265

1230PM Morning Snack:

2 hard boiled eggs

1/3 cup cotton candy grapes


Calories: 133

Carbs: 0g

I learned from my SO we will be having pasta and meatballs for dinner so I have to figure out how to save my calories and carbs. I think I will have to meal prep!! 

0130PM Lunch:

2 cups spring mix

1 hard boiled egg

6 yellow cherry tomatoes 

2 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette 

1/8 cup shredded Romano cheese

1 12oz can Sprite Zero

14pc Cheetos Puffcorn 


Calories: 298

Carbs: 18.06g

Realizing we were out of pasta I went for a walk around the neighborhood for 28 minutes!

Burning 234 calories!!

430PM Snack:

1 slice of Sara Lee Delight Multigrain Bread

3 slices honey smoked chicken breast lunchmeat 

1 tsp mustard

1/2 cup moon drop grapes


Calories: 184

Carbs: 19.50g

Exercise added:

20 squats

1 climb stair

Burned 74 calories


Toria Cobb Salad:

  • 1 cup spring mix
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • 3 slices Italian dry salmi
  • 3 sunburst cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp blue cheese dressing

Lemon Meatball Pasta:

  • 1 cup lemon garlic pasta (tossed with garlic olive oil, shredded Romano cheese, and squeezed lemon juice)
  • 3 turkey meatballs and 1/2 cup yellow squash (sautéed in 2 tbsp butter, spices, and beef broth)


Calories: 857

Carbs: 8.20g

Exercise added:

20 squats

Burned 40 calories


1.5 cup of cinnamon Chex cereal

1.5 cup Lactaid whole milk

3/4 medium banana


Calories: 559

Carbs: 85.83g

Total Numbers:


Total consumed: 2537

Total burned: 634

Equals: 1903 (under by 304)

CARBS: -250g

Total carbohydrates: 201.81g

Total fiber: 18.22g

Equals: 183.59g (under by 66.41g)
Seeing these numbers at the end of the day make me feel like I am achieving something everyday!! 


Water: I only drank 4 glasses today! INCOMPLETE 


Stair Climbs: COMPLETE

Medicine: COMPLETE

Day 2 comes to an end and it feels a little bit easier to be honest. I ended with more calories than anticipated due to the pasta! I can only hope all the days get easier and easier as I am hoping to stick to the diet until my birthday so I can eat whatever I want!! Also I noticed I was definitely I was lacking water and felt it with a headache!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Love, Toria (PMP)

Day 1: Lifestyle Change

Hi Guys,
I am turning 34 on Oct 2nd!! I need to change my lifestyle and stop making excuses on why I can’t eat better or exercise!

The feature pic is a daily pic of myself…. 

Let’s start with the basics:

Current numbers 258.6lbs and 5’11’’… I would like to lose 58.6lbs by end of April next year! My goal is not to lose weight because I feel bad about how I look but I am not healthy my diabetes are out of control and I am in pain mostly because I am overweight but also fibromyalgia! I need to not only watch my calories but also my carbs/sugar intakes.

I am using two apps to help me along the way:

1) Fit30- this is a free app filled with 30 day challenges that help you burn fat and so much more.. these are pretty much daily workouts starting at 6 mins building up to 15 mins in the first challenge and I am sure as I unlock more challenges they will extend the time. You can unlock one by one for free or all challenges for 4.99!

2) MyDietCoach- this gem is free but you can upgrade to the premium for 23.99/yr! I think it’s worth it because I was able to set challenges for myself like drinking water and squats before I sit on the couch. This app also sets a calorie per day goal and tracks what you eat as long as you are honest. It also gives you motivation and reminders for snacks and water. You can use the calorie goal and food tracker plus one challenge for free! A plus to this app is I can set a personal challenge to take my meds!

My daily goals are:

Calories: 2207 (being lightly active)

Carbs: under 250g
September 24th and after I ate breakfast I weighed myself at 258.6lbs and I am 5’11’’… 

9am- For breakfast I had:

2 eggs with shredded cheese topped with pepper sauce 

2 pieces of toast with margarine 

5 strawberries

4 yellow cherry tomatoes

½ avocado 

2 servings of my iced coffee:

12 oz Starbucks cold blonde roast

2 tbs Dairy Pure half and half

2 tbs Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Creamer

So Far Consumed: 

795 calories

52.23g carbs

After breakfast I completed Day 2 on the Fit30 app(I started Day 1 yesterday just to get myself going) workout challenge:

33 jumping jacks

21 high knees

6 push-ups 

10 lunges

5 tricep dips 

22 basic squats

11 crunches

Burning 159 calories

1130am- Morning Snack

1 small size pear

1 string cheese

14 Cheetos Puffcorn

Consumed So Far:

Calories: +187= 982

Carbs: +22.92g = 75.15g

0130PM Lunch:

2 cups spring mix salad

2 tbsp bacon ranch dressing

10 yellow cherry tomatoes

⅛ cup shredded Romano cheese

3 slices honey smoked chicken breast lunchmeat

1 pc bread

6 slices Italian dry salami 

2 tsp mustard

1 12oz can Sprite Zero

Consumed So Far:

Calories: +502 =1484

Carbs: +27.62g =102.77g

415PM Snack:

6 slices salami

21pc Cheetos Puffcorn

Consumed So Far:

Calories: +148 =1632

Carbs: +8g =110.77g

Exercise additions:

Went for a quick 5 walk around our building

Extra 10 push-ups

Extra 10 tricep dips

So far burning 313 calories so far!

I have 2 more meals to go and only 828 calories left unless I work out more and I don’t think I can!

600PM Dinner:

1 Stuffed Bell Pepper:

1 bell pepper

1 ground burger patty

1 sprinkle of cheese

1 cup Minute Rice white instant cup

1 cups spring mix salad

2 tbsp Taco Bell chipotle sauce

8 oz Minute Maid Fruit Punch 15 cal

Consumed So Far:

Calories: +703 =2395

Carbs: +80.72g =191.49g

I added another:

20 squats

10 push-ups 

Climbed the stairs again

Total burned calories: 391

Meaning I have 239 calories left for the evening!

800PM Dessert:

.5 cup strawberries

1 tbsp whipped cream

½ cup Honey Nut 

Consuming So Far:

Calories: +75 =2434

Carbs: +12.45g =203.90g

This is where I leave you.. I will be having a banana at 10pm so I can take my medicine.
That will bring my counts to:

Calories: 2538-391(cals burned)= 2147 under by 52

Carbs: 230.90g under by 19.10g

What I noticed is that I was picking some of the wrong options for what I was eating on the app so I now double check all with a little google search! 

Did I Pass:

Challenges (at the end of each day I will let you know if I complete them):

I am also doing 20 extra squats 4 times a day before sitting down.. can I just say my legs hurt so bad from working out because I am so out of shape and it hurts to sit down on the toilet lol but I will continue hoping one day it will not hurt! COMPLETED

Another challenge I added today was to climb my stairs at least 2 times daily.. if I go out with the car I may also add in the stairs from garage to lobby of our building! COMPLETED

I am also challenging myself to drink 8-8oz cups of water a day and since I drink from water bottles I drink half at a time! COMPLETED

Overall day 1 of the diet was a success and I am looking forward to day 2! Wish me luck and thanks for joining in on this journey! BTW do y’all want pics of my meals? I am thinking of adding in tomorrow!

Love Toria (PMP)