My Diabetic Battle

This posting is not the norm for this blog! This is a more serious posting that needs to get said.. Honesty with myself and the world! I am not healthy…

I feel like before I run around the world tasting amazing foods I should let you in on my “Diabetic Battle”!

About 2 years ago I became severely ill because of an infected boil that hit me out of nowhere and I was septic and could have died had I waited to go to the hospital. At that time I found out I was diabetic and was put on Metformin which I struggle with taking medicines but know that that needs to stop. I have always been obese and watched my parents battle with diabetes my whole life. But being young dumb and reckless… I just didn’t care because I love to eat and taste!

Now I am determined to take control of this disease that I have done to myself… even more so I am determined to not let my love for eating and tasting go to waste.. I know there is a will and way to have the best of both worlds.

Since February of this year I have been vegetarian (I do not want to hurt the animals anymore) and it makes it a little bit more difficult because I depend on carbs to keep me full. French fries.. Chips.. Cake.. Bread.. Pasta… all of those things.  But I need to stop making excuses and just get healthy! Just Do It thanks Nike for slogan!

The driving force behind this is a few things.. First my father just passed away and I am sure his battle with diabetes was a huge factor to the illness that killed him.. secondly my mom has been diabetic and sick from other ailments since she was pregnant with me and I need to break the cycle now and walk a different path that could help me and her.  Finally I received a message from my doctor stating that there was more change in my diabetic retinal screening and it has me so scared that I am going to be blind by 40 that I MUST CHANGE MY LIFESTYLE!!!!!

As much as I welcome you in to my world of tasty food I also welcome you to my journey of a healthier life!

Stay tuned for the next post next week because I am going to put numbers out there and a photo of my self that will be critically honest about my body! I think it is best that I focus on food for my health before jumping back into food for pleasure!

Love you guys,

Toria (PMP)

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