Day 2: Life Change

Hi Guys,

Trying to sleep with my body shaking because of all the workouts I did yesterday was so scary. But that being said I am not in pain as much as I thought I was going to be! Don’t be fooled by the downplay there is definite pain and it hurts to sit on the toilet!

I just wanted to mention how I total out my numbers.. for calories I deduct the calories burned from workouts to achieve the total calories consumed. For carbs I deduct the grams of fiber from the amount of total carbohydrate grams to acheive the total consumed!  

Let’s get September 25, 2017! (The featured pic is my daily check in pic)

Morning weigh in: 255.2lbs

Pounds lost/gained: -3.2


Calories: 2207

Carbs: 250g

Challenges: Check below to see if I completed these!

8- 8oz cups of water

4- 20 rep squats before I sit down

2- Stair Climbs

Take My Meds

0930AM Breakfast:

1 Thomas Thin Bagel- Everything

2 tbsp Whipped Cream Cheese

1 egg scrambled and microwaved

1 Activia Yogurt Strawberry 

1 Iced Coffee

12oz Starbucks Cold Brew- Blonde Roast

2 tbsp half and half

1 tbsp Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Creamer


Calories: 505

Carbs: 52g

I completed Day 3 on Fit30 app:

36 jumping jacks

22 high knees

7 push-ups 

11 lunges

6 tricep dips

25 squats

13 crunches

I also added:

20 squats

1 stair climb

1- 5 minute walk around the building

Calories Burned: 265

1230PM Morning Snack:

2 hard boiled eggs

1/3 cup cotton candy grapes


Calories: 133

Carbs: 0g

I learned from my SO we will be having pasta and meatballs for dinner so I have to figure out how to save my calories and carbs. I think I will have to meal prep!! 

0130PM Lunch:

2 cups spring mix

1 hard boiled egg

6 yellow cherry tomatoes 

2 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette 

1/8 cup shredded Romano cheese

1 12oz can Sprite Zero

14pc Cheetos Puffcorn 


Calories: 298

Carbs: 18.06g

Realizing we were out of pasta I went for a walk around the neighborhood for 28 minutes!

Burning 234 calories!!

430PM Snack:

1 slice of Sara Lee Delight Multigrain Bread

3 slices honey smoked chicken breast lunchmeat 

1 tsp mustard

1/2 cup moon drop grapes


Calories: 184

Carbs: 19.50g

Exercise added:

20 squats

1 climb stair

Burned 74 calories


Toria Cobb Salad:

  • 1 cup spring mix
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • 3 slices Italian dry salmi
  • 3 sunburst cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp blue cheese dressing

Lemon Meatball Pasta:

  • 1 cup lemon garlic pasta (tossed with garlic olive oil, shredded Romano cheese, and squeezed lemon juice)
  • 3 turkey meatballs and 1/2 cup yellow squash (sautéed in 2 tbsp butter, spices, and beef broth)


Calories: 857

Carbs: 8.20g

Exercise added:

20 squats

Burned 40 calories


1.5 cup of cinnamon Chex cereal

1.5 cup Lactaid whole milk

3/4 medium banana


Calories: 559

Carbs: 85.83g

Total Numbers:


Total consumed: 2537

Total burned: 634

Equals: 1903 (under by 304)

CARBS: -250g

Total carbohydrates: 201.81g

Total fiber: 18.22g

Equals: 183.59g (under by 66.41g)
Seeing these numbers at the end of the day make me feel like I am achieving something everyday!! 


Water: I only drank 4 glasses today! INCOMPLETE 


Stair Climbs: COMPLETE

Medicine: COMPLETE

Day 2 comes to an end and it feels a little bit easier to be honest. I ended with more calories than anticipated due to the pasta! I can only hope all the days get easier and easier as I am hoping to stick to the diet until my birthday so I can eat whatever I want!! Also I noticed I was definitely I was lacking water and felt it with a headache!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Love, Toria (PMP)

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