Day 3: Life Change

Hi Guys,

It’s Day 3 of this “lifestyle” change or like I like to call it “saving my life” change!

First things it’s Day 4 on the Fit30 app which means it’s rest day!! But did I rest?? NO!!!!

Secondly I am out of bottle of waters (buying some tonight!) which means I am lacking water and paying the price of a headache! Automatic fail to the water challenge!

Morning weigh in: 255.8lbs

Loss/Gain: +.6lbs


Calories: 2207 and under

Carbs: 250 and under


Water: 8-8oz per day

Squats: 4- sets of squats 

Stair Climbs: 2

Take my meds: AM/PM

The blog feature “cover” photo is the daily photo of my transformation!

Let’s get September 26th started!!


1 pc toast

1/2 tbsp Nutella 

1 cup whole strawberries 

1 activia strawberry yogurt

Iced Coffe:

  • 18oz blonde roast Starbucks coffee
  • 4 tbsp Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Creamer
  • 4 tbsp half and half


Calories: 427

Carbs: 59.13g

Like I said it’s rest day on the app so I have been working around the house because we are forever unpacking lol!

I also did:

20 squats

1 stair climb

Burning 64 calories!


3 pc bread

6 slices Italian dry salami 

3 slices honey smoked chicken breast lunchmeat 

2 tbsp mustard

1/3 cup cotton candy grapes

21pc Cheetos Puffcorn

1 12oz can Sprite Zero 


Calories: 376

Carbs: 27.50g

I went to the gym!!! First time working out in a gym in about 7 years!! 

I did:

30 minutes moderate cycling 

Burning 469 calories!!!


6 slice Italian dry salami

1 light string cheese stick

18oz Minute Maid Just 15 cal fruit punch 

(I had brain fog and forgot to take a photo)


Calories: 141

Carbs: 5.50g
Exercise Added:

20 squats

1 stair climb

Burning 68 calories!


We ordered take out from a taqueria.. so delicious!

2 steak tostadas

  • Steak meat
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Sour cream

1/4 cup mexican rice

1/4 cup refried beans

1/3 cup guacamole 

10 tortilla chips


Calories: 639

Carbs: 41.16g

1 Skinny Cow cookies and cream ice cream sandwich 


Calories: 170

Carbs: 28g

Exercise Added:

20 squats

Burning 46 calories!


Calories Consumed: 1752

Calories Burned: 647

Technically I Consumed: 1106 (under by 1101)

Carbs Consumed: 188.11g

Fiber Consumed: 26.83g

Technically I Consumed: 161.28g (under by 88.72g)


Water: I did drink 1 bottle of water tonight so I didn’t completely fail this challenge but.. INCOMPLETE 

Sqauts: I still have 1 set of 20 to go… nevemind they are done… COMPLETE



This is where I leave you for day 3… I will say I am exhausted and in a lot of pain but I think it’s yes from the exercise but also the lack of water! Also I know I didn’t have my AM snack but I wasn’t hungry.. so I really didn’t want to force myself to eat!

If you are still reading and made it to hear… thank you so so so much for joining me in my journey to save my life! I will see you same place same time tomorrow night!
Love Toria (PMP)

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