Hey Pancakers,

We are Toria and Jason, some friends know us as JaTo Gelato(at least in Toria’s mind). I, Toria am the face of the operation and Jason is the unseen voice of reason (for now).

We have a passion to experience a magic moment with everything we taste. The food can come from a restaurant or our own kitchen. We have a YouTube channel that follows our journey of not only the quest to taste the world but also the fun we have in trying out all the kitchen gadgets (we say “kadgets”) out there.¬† We have an Instagram & Twitter that is nothing but food, food, food, and more food just like my closet and our life.

For this blog we would like to first and most take you on a taste quest by showing you some amazingly delicious but also easy to make recipes. But as a bonus see us plan out our taste path for trips we our taking.

In short- we are just a loving couple who loves to taste and create yumminess, goodness, and amazingness. You will find us in our own kitchen creating or traveling around by car and plane (trains and boats are on the list) just to taste the world. We invite you to follow us around and we promise to keep tasting and creating. Welcome to the PANCAKE FAMILY where we can all just be happy hungry PANCAKERS. Sit back with a yummy snack and watch the world get PANCAKED!